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General Catalogues

07276-M0607ELOU- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD, S/S 1959. Complete lines. Clips from pg 773/774 and 775/776. Back cover and last page have been damped. Back cover has 1-3/4" x 2" corner missing. Otherwise, everything seems to be intact. Catalogue sets up square and is very presentable.  9-1/4” x 13-1/4” x 907pp. $55.00  Pictures

06273-M0898EACL- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Sharonville, OH. F/W 1981. Full lines. Cover lightly rubbed, otherwise very good. 8" x 11" x 1,346pp. $45.00

06820-M1117ECHL- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Sharonville, OH. F/W 1981. Full lines. Very good condition. 8"x 11"x 1,347pp.  $45.00

05533-M0197ECSH- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Sharonville, OH. F/W 1982. Abraded spot on cover, otherwise very good. 8" x 11" x 1,154pp. $35.00

06879-M0402ECLL- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Sharonville, OH. F/W 1982. Full lines. A few cover edge chips. 8"x 11"x 1,154pp. $45.00

06116-M0198EEOK- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Ft. Worth, TX. S/S 1984. Full lines. Hard back in like new condition. 8-1/2"x 11"x 967pp. $90.00

06117-M0198EEOK- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Chicago, IL. F/W 1984. Full lines. Hard back in almost like new condition. 8-1/2"x 11"x 1,087pp. $90.00

05725-M0397EACA- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Kansas City. Fashions, Home & Leisure, (House) Furnishings. F/W 1985. Excellent. 8" x 11" x 842pp. $45.00

06661-M0800ELUH- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO., Sharonville, OH. F/W 1985. Full lines. In three main sections: fashions, home & leisure, furnishings. Very good. 8"x 11"x 842pp. $35.00

Christmas Catalogues

06118-M0198EEOK- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Chicago, IL. Christmas 1975. Hardback, almost like new. 8-1/2"x 11-1/4"x 419pp. $125.00

05722-M0198EEOK- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Sharonville, OH. Christmas 1981. Excellent. 8" x 11" x 490pp. $65.00

01907-M0893ELEE- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Christmas 1982. 538pp. $65.00

06867- M0402ECLL- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Sharonville, OH. Christmas Values 1983. Toys, gifts, clothes for the entire family. Colorful. Remember the Commodore 64 and the Adam computers? (64K and 80K of RAM. Wow!) They’re here! Slight cover soil and vague pencil notes, otherwise very good condition. 8"x 10-7/8"x 536pp. $50.00

00619-B0990CHLK- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Christmas 1984. 574pp. $65.00

00621-B0990CHLK- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Christmas 1985. 490pp.  $65.00

Special Catalogues

01982-M0893EACO- Catalogue-  MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Denver, CO, 1951 Garden Catalogue. Ornamentals, fruit trees, berries, roses, bulbs, etc. Nice color and black and white. Still in mail slip. Very good. 8" x 11" x 79pp. $50.00

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01438-M1292ECEH- Catalogue-  WARDS NEW 1960 GARDEN BOOK (Montgomery Ward), "America's Shopping Center," Denver & Ft. Worth. Very colorful hardback nursery, garden, flower catalogue. It's a nice one. 8-1/4" x 11-1/4" x 90pp hardback. $50.00

06121-M0198EEOK- Catalogue-  MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, St. Paul, MN. 1983 Lawn & Garden Catalog. Hardback, almost like new. 8-1/2"x 11"x 123pp. $60.00

06122-M0198EEOK- Catalogue- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, St. Paul, MN. 1984 Lawn & Garden Catalog. Hardback, almost like new. 8-1/4"x 11"x 123pp. $60.00

06123-M0198EEOK- Catalogue-  MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Chicago, IL. 1985 Lawn & Garden Catalog. Hardback, almost like new. 8-1/4"x 11"x 123pp. $60.00

Miscellaneous Items

02377-M0194ESCA- Letter- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Chicago, IL, 3/9/05. A. Montgomery Ward, Geo. R. Thorne; Gen Mgr. (Geo Thorne was Ward’s brother-in-law). "Originators Of The Catalogue Business." Addressed to a customer in Ashland, OH. "What became of the catalogue we sent you some time ago?" etc., etc. Enumerates all the positive features of Wards and pushes him to order. Mentions they are enclosing a check for $1.00 toward a $5.00 order (not present). Lengthy explanation on back of "Mr. Ward’s Policy on The Cheap Goods Question." Very nice engraved head of their building at Michigan Ave. Madison and Washington Sts. Letter folded, outside panel slightly age toned. $27.00

01806-M0693EKHE- Invoice- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. Chicago, IL. Stamped Oct 18, 1906. An order from a North Carolina customer for twelve steel Stamping Letters @ $1.80. Postage was 5˘ and was not included. Invoice is stamped "You did not allow enough postage, kindly remit balance." Back contains lengthy statement: "Mr. Ward’s Policy on the Cheap-Goods Question." Although it’s difficult to tell for sure, it appears to be a dig at then-arch rival, Sears and Roebuck. 8-1/2" x 7-1/4". $18.00

02931-M0894EEEE- Postcard- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Denver, CO. ca 1940s. Reply post card for obtaining Stockman’s Equipment catalogue for "Cowboys, Ranchers, Stockmen". Collage of cowboy scenes. Near mint. 3-1/4" x 5-1/2". $4.00

06164-M0398LAKE- Book- BIG CATALOGUE. THE LIFE OF AARON MONTGOMERY WARD by Nina Brown Baker. Illustrated by Alan Moyler. Harcourt, Brace And Co, NY. 1957. First Ed. Hardback. Ms. Brown authored a number of books for young readers including this title and others about Gail Borden and F. W. Woolworth. dust jacket lightly sunned on spine, very small tear in cloth in top of spine, otherwise like new. 5-1/2" x 8-1/4" x 115pp. $49.00

06259-M0798EEEE- Postcard- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Chicago. 1965. Unused, 2-color. Offers free Farm Catalog. Nice graphics. $4.00

06260-M0798EEEE- Postcard- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO, Chicago. 1965. Unused, 2-color. Offers free Garden Catalog. Nice graphics. $4.00



   The Montgomery Ward Company celebrated its Fiftieth Anniversary in 1922.  Their Spring/Summer Catalogue No.96 issued that year relates the most interesting history of the Ward organization up to that point and describes the first multi-page catalogue published:

      “To the best of our knowledge, there is in existence today but one copy of the first Montgomery Ward & Co. catalogue issued in book form. We have photographed and reproduced it above as near as possible. The original was printed in 1874 on a small foot-power press.

      “Previous to this catalogue our merchandise was sold from a single sheet price lists. By arranging these lists in book form, this, the original Mail Order Catalogue, was produced.”  

   The picture reproduced is the No. 11 catalogue cover. 1875 saw the arrival of catalogue No. 13.  We have a few copies of the reprinted No. 13, offered originally as a premium in 1972 on the occasion of Ward’s 100th Anniversary.

04224-M0995ERCR- Catalogue Reprint- MONTGOMERY WARD & CO., Chicago, IL. Six items: 1) Cat No.13, S/S 1875. This is the little blue back reprint. Reprinted in 1972 as a part of the company's Centennial observance. Excellent condition. 3-1/4” x 5” x 72pp. Excellent condition 2) First Day Cover with 3-color illustration of Aaron Montgomery Ward and colorful 8˘ stamp- “100th Anniversary of Mail Order.” Chicago cancellation. 3) Photocopy of the original sheet sent by Montgomery Ward with 165 items listed. 4) 5 page copy of history from Ward’s S/S 1922 catalogue on the occasion of their Fiftieth Anniversary. 5) 4 page copy of promotion from Ward’s 100th Anniversary catalogue of F/W 1972 offering the reprinted little No. 13 catalogue from 1875 and the first day cover. 6) 3 page photocopied article from 2001 from online newspaper, Burton on the Bay, entitled “Farewell, Montgomery Ward. Without Its Catalog, Its Never Been The Same”. All six pieces. $54.00

     In the Ward’s promotions through the years, Aaron Montgomery Ward is called the “Founder of the Mail Order Business, but perhaps we need to say more on the subject and these selections.  In the first place, although Aaron Montgomery Ward is certainly worthy of our respect, he did not originate selling by neither mail nor the catalogue business.  In 1744 Ol’ Ben Franklin himself printed a brochure, which is really a catalogue, of his newly invented cast iron fireplace stove. Many English manufacturers were issuing catalogues in the 1750s. A watchmaker near Ephrata, PA was issuing a catalogue by 1765.

      Secondly, although this little No.13 catalogue of 1875 is called Ward’s first, he actually started sending lists of his merchandise in 1872 with a flier measuring 10” x 20” with headline: “Grangers Supplied By The Cheapest Cash House In America.”  We’ve reduced a reprint of this one to 7” x 15” to copy on our machine. We’ll include a photocopy with your order for these items.  The promotion offering the reprint and the first day cover appeared in the F/W 1972 catalogue along with a printed letter of congratulation from Richard Nixon, president of the U.S. at the time. Most of these 1972 catalogues have the coupon page removed because literally thousands of the promotions were ordered. Both the reprinted catalogue and the “Official Commemorative 1st Day Cover” were available for a $1.00.  All the profits from these responses were donated to Boy and Girl Scouts, National 4-H Clubs, and Distributive Education Clubs of America.

     Thirdly, copies of this No.13 catalogue reprint are floating around here and there and are being represented as originals at prices up to $300.00. It’s not labeled as a reprint, but you can tell in several different ways. Look at condition. A catalogue nearly 130 years old will not look fresh off the press. Look at the foxing. These little brown smudges, which appear on old paper, are actually molds or rust from paper impurities. On these catalogue reprints the foxing is photographed in the negative, not growing on the surface of the paper itself.


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