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Aldens/Chicago Mail Order Co.

Aldens has an interesting history. They were founded in 1899 as Chicago Mail Order Millinery.  “Millinery” was dropped from the name in 1906, and the name was finally changed to Aldens.  As we recall, the name “Aldens” came about from a men’s suit line. “Henry Alden” was represented as the men’s fashion buyer and later, his wife “Jane Alden” the buyer or “stylist” for the women’s line. However, they were both phantoms, the products of advertising schemes. The “Aldens” became so popular that the name of the company name was changed to Alden. The Schandig family was actually the owners of the company in the late 1930s. Wicks Lumber Company wound up with them in the ‘70s and folded them in 1982.  

General Catalogues, Sale Catalogues, Christmas Catalogues

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General Catalogues

Sale Catalogues

01093- Catalogue- CHICAGO MAIL ORDER, Chicago, IL, Flyer 'Y', Summer 1932. Sale Catalogue. The major mail order houses made a practice of binding a few copies of each catalogue in hard covers for executives and key people so that the piece would stand up to frequent use. The title of catalogue and person’s name was stamped in gold on black leatherette boards. This is just such an item. (Although this copy does not have them, in some cases, sales statistic forms facing each page were also bound in.) Well preserved, colorful contents of ladies' clothing. An important item for any collection! Excellent condition. 6-3/4" x 9-3/4" x 56pp. $125.00

Christmas Catalogues

01888- Catalogue- ALDENS, Chicago, IL, Christmas 1982. Beautiful and colorful "milestone" catalogue about the size of a Sears Xmas catalogue. The cover is mortise-cut in five diamond shapes to reveal candid shots of family around Christmas tree enjoying their presents. Fashions, toys, games, wide range of gifts for entire family. Founded in 1899 as Chicago Mail Order Millinery ("millinery" dropped from name in 1906), this was Alden's last year in business. Wicks Lumber Co. had acquired them earlier, pulled all the liquid assets out and folded 'em up. Sad but true. Near mint. 8" x 10-3/4" x 586 pp. $65.00

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